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Steps in the Search Process

1. Discuss the position and its responsibilities and objectives and realistic expectations. This should include all job related issues, including salary, quota, geographic sales region, travel, training, why the position is open, benefits; etc...

2. Identify an agreeable timeline for interviewing on through to the start date. When do you want this person on board?

3. Make sure that the process is a realistic approach from the company's perspective as well as the candidate's. When the recruiter identifies someone, is the company ready to move on the candidate?

4. Develop a strategic selling story about the company to attract the best talent. Present a brief history of the company and convey the company's objectives from the past present, and future. Why would top performers leave their current company and want to work for your company? Discuss any possible growth or career incentives that might attract top individuals.

5. This is where the recruiter will begin the advertising, cold calling, market networking, etc...find candidates...check references..submit talent to hiring authorities.

6. Once finalists are chosen—secure an offer. Consult with the hiring authorities to make sure that an offer is created, and that it will be accepted.

7. Once the offer is accepted, the recruiter will begin to notify all unsuccessful candidates. It is important to inform them that the company has selected another individual for this position, and thank them for their cooperation.

8. After an offer has been accepted, the recruiter will walk the candidate through the resignation process and cover all counter offer issues. This is a very critical step in the process.

9. After coming on board, the recruiter will periodically touch base for the first several months to avert any potential problems or adjustments.