Our Philosophy

1. We help companies identify “Human Capital” in all markets across the nation.

2. You can be sure we will bring the “Best of the Best” to the front of the hiring line.

3. Quality vs. quantity is important to us.

4. We will help to give your organization a “Talent Injection” by bringing the impact players to the attention of your hiring authorities.

5. Generally, the most highly qualified people are not actively looking to possibly change companies until they are contacted by a recruiter.

These candidates usually will not respond to an advertisement or posting. They typically prefer to be represented and advised by a recruiter. The candidate feels most secure with this type of relationship.

About the Company

Founded in 2002, based in Raleigh, NC, with over 2,000+ placements to date. We work at placing at all levels in an organization from the CEO down.

We are one of the leading recruiting firms in North America. We average over 90+ placements per year in various industries. Our placements mean that we are putting good people in front of the companies that we are working for and they are hiring them. Our proof is our placements and our long term relationships with our clients. We help companies grow. We would welcome the opportunity to work for your organization.

Benchmark Recruiting Inc. | Clayton, NC | Raleigh, NC
John Clark | Owner | Benchmark Recruiting
John Clark, Founding Partner

About the Owner

John Clark brings over 11 years of industry sales experience along with 19+ years of recruiting experience. Since becoming a recruiter in 2000, he has earned recognition as being one of the leading recruiters in the commercial Interiors arena.

He has consistently been able to develop contacts in most major markets in the country. He has worked at the dealership level for over 8 years representing many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, and over 2 years as a Southeast Regional Manager for a renowned seating manufacturer. His footprints can be traced throughout the Northeast, Southeast, & Upper Midwest.

“Being on either side of the fence dividing the manufacturer and dealer gives me a major advantage when it comes to finding great talent. As your recruiter, I can recognize and identify the best possible talent in every market.

I can uncover and source a better quality of talent than most recruiters because I am very familiar with this industry. I am able to talk to candidates about product and industry knowledge while screening and pre-qualifying for your company’s needs. It is hard to find a recruiter who has actually worked from the ground-up selling products and services in the industry in which they recruit.”

John Clark is a graduate of East Carolina University and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He enjoys golf, fishing & surfing.